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Does your company comply with the law?

Regarding to disabled employees

 In most advanced countries meeting a minimum quota of disabled employees is required.
 This legislation
may vary from country to country.

Check legislation in some countries:

Regarding to outsourced services

 Other Alternative Measures enable organizations to accomplish the legal regulations by outsourcing services or products to organizations with high volume of disabled employees (such as Foundations, Special Centers,...).


O even goes beyond the law?

CSR-D policies

 Corporate Social Responsibility regarding to Disabled persons (CSR-D) Policies are set up within the organization to asure that objectives are acomplished.

Supplier policies

 In the organization exist policies to select suppliers with CSR criteria. Including CSR-D.

Website Accessibility

 Websites and other online tools are ready for disabled customers and employees.

Buildings Accessibility

 Buldings, offices, and any other instalation are ready for disabled customers and employees.

Other colaborations

 Other colaboration with foundations, associations, NGOs,... regarding to disabilities.

DisCert Certificate gives an SCORING for each of the elements and RECOGNIZES Social Responsible Companies for Disabilities.

You can send your request directly on-line at www.discert.org/request or thru our partners network (see www.discert.org/partners ).

Objectives of DisCert Certificate show efforts of any organization.

if your organization does not comply with the legislation contact us and we will help you.

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