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Scoring has been design to really show and valuate your efforts:



How is score obtained?

Score is based on a set of standarized criteria that are classified as the documentation structure.

You will see how your efforts impact in your organitzations score.



Calculation criteria

All actions regarding to disability are considered in the scoring system. All of them.

  • Disabled employees: we calculate the percentage over the whole staff in the organisation.
  • Services and products outsourced to fundations or special organizations with disabled employees: we calculate the amount of money and transform it in an equivalence number of persons.
  • Other actions: we calculate the economical effort and transform it in equivalence number of persons.
  • Non-economical actions: there is a list of other actions that can be doned in order to obtain higher scoring.



Is there any minimun required scoring?

YES, of course.

  • In countries where there is a mandatory quota (ie. Spain, Portugal, France, Germany,...) this is the minimum required score. Check your local legistation in order to be sure that your organization goes further than this (or at least starts at this point)
  • For the rest of countries and SMEs that are not included in this quotas: minimum of 1 disabled employee or 2% of equivalence contracting services or products

Contact us in case you are not sure about your legal compliance.Click here to contact us.


What happens if the organization is under local mandatory quota?

We want you to start as soon as possible to be a Social Responsible Company (SRC-D) so he want to help you:

  • We'll assest you about how you can reach your mandatory goals
  • We'll contact with partners that can help you in this process
  • If you present and compromise to an action plan we'll give you a IN PROGRESS DOC.


Send your request today. We'll contact you and help you to become a Social Responsible Company with Disability.




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