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DisCert Certificate encourage your whole organization to improve and go for excellence:



How can we reach excellence?

DisCert Certificate has an improvement model that assures the best and better improvement for your commitment with disabled persons.

And let you show it to the world.


We help you to improve from inside...

We help you to improve your commitement, your actions, and in all your organization.

Some aspects for improvement:

  • Commitement within organization: top management comitee, diversity policies,...
  • KPIs: set-up and follow-up key process indicators related to disabilty
  • Labor conditions for disabled employees
  • Number and positions for disabled employees
  • Accessibility both phisically and virtually
  • Certified supplier selection criteria (value chain)
  • Commmunitacion actions to your stakeholders
  • Social actions with disabled persons and families
  • Many other actions


Send your request today. We'll contact you and help you to become a Social Responsible Company with Disability.





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